Sandra Bullock’s Life In Pictures

Sandra Bullock, born July 26, 1964 in Arlington, Virginia, USA, is an actor and producer.In 1987, he starred in his first film, “Occupy America,” and entered the entertainment industry. In 1992, his love film “The No. 9 Love Perfume” was released . In 1994, the starring action movie “The Speed of Life and Death” was sold at a global box office of $350 million . In 1996, he nominated the best actress in the 53rd American Golden Globe Music Comedy category with the love film “Love at Second Sight” . In 2000, she played Gracie Hart in the comedy “Agent Beauty” .

In 2002, he starred in the romance film “Lovely Lovers.” In 2005, he was named Hollywood Walk of Fame . In 2009, he was the producer of the comedy “Fake Marriage”. In 2010, he won the Best Actress of the 82nd Academy Awards and the Best Actress in the 67th American Golden Globe Awards . In the same year, he won the 19th MTV. Movie Award MTV Generation Award . In 2013, he appeared in the science fiction film Gravity . In 2018, starring in the thriller “Mount your eyes”

Sandra Bullock

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